BONUS: Working with NEW Elementor Containers

I. Introduction

  • Welcome to Module 6, where we will focus on understanding and working with the new Elementor Containers feature. As of Elementor 3.5.0, Containers have replaced columns, providing more flexibility and control over your designs.

II. What are Containers?

  • Containers are flexible layout elements that can hold widgets, other containers, or columns. By using containers, you can create complex layouts with multiple widgets and design elements.

III. Adding a Container

  • To add a container:
    • Click on the ‘+’ button on your editing area.
    • Choose a structure for your container (number of columns).
    • Drag and drop widgets into the container as needed.

IV. Customizing Containers

  • Each container has its own settings that you can adjust in the panel. These include layout settings (like width and height), style settings (like colors and typography), and advanced settings (like margin and padding).
    • To access these settings, click on the six-dot handle at the top of the container.

V. Nested Containers

  • One of the powerful features of containers is the ability to nest them within each other. This allows for more complex layouts and greater design flexibility.
    • To nest a container, drag a new container into an existing one.

VI. Hands-On Activity: Experimenting with Containers

  • Spend some time experimenting with containers. Try creating different layouts, nesting containers, and customizing their settings.

VII. Quiz and Recap

  • Test your knowledge with a short quiz covering the topics discussed in this module. Then, we’ll recap the key points to ensure you’ve understood everything correctly.

This module should equip you with the necessary understanding and skills to work effectively with containers in Elementor, allowing you to create more complex and visually appealing designs.